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Carmela Salazar, ACSW

I believe that healing emerges through intentional everyday practices and transformative acts of care, witnessing and compassion. Using an intersectional, anti-oppression, and trauma-informed framework, I approach therapy as a collaboration through which clients empower themselves as they navigate the complexities of individual lived experience, intergenerational and family trauma, interpersonal relationships, and ultimately, healing.

I utilize intuitive listening and psychodynamic and relational practices to facilitate deep reflection, learning, dialogue, and action. I am trained and experienced in addressing trauma and trauma-related symptoms, crisis management, grief and life transitions, and long-term wellness strategies. As both a social worker and a clinician, I have worked with first- and second-generation immigrants, children, former foster youth, systems-impacted communities, and BIPOC and LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. I look forward to connecting with and supporting you.


California ACSW 94768

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