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"Make It or Break It"

4-Session Coaching to Help a Struggling Couple Make a Decision 

It's a relational approach to help a struggling couple make a decision about their relationship. If "Make It" is the choice, then the couple commits to six-month couples therapy, taking the option of separation or divorce off the table during that time. If the option is to “Break it,” then parameters for a healthy break-up are established


No commitment to the four sessions is necessary
Each session is $120

20% discount when the four sessions are paid at front

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Couples Workshop

4-Session Group Experience 

It's a psycho-educational group experience focused on rebuilding and maintaining a healthy relationship in a supportive space alongside other couples with similar goals. It includes critical topics such as characteristics of healthy relationships; communication skills; the impact of childhood experiences and trauma; roles and expectations in relationships; passion, romance, and sexuality; building and repairing trust; conflict resolution; and turning toward rather than away from each other.


Space is limited to 10 couples
Each session is $60

20% discount when the eight sessions are paid at front

Sign up or request more information at

Sneaky Peek
Sneaky Peek

Happiness Intervention

10-Session Group Experience 

It's a life coaching group experience that combines positive psychology and lifestyle medicine. It's designed to help you speak positively, move dynamically, immerse in both an uplifting natural environment and a positive social environment, focus on the positive, eat nutritiously, rest from stress and sleep better, and be grateful by serving others.

Space is limited to 15 individuals
Each session is $60

Sign up or request more information at

Hope Intervention

10-Session Individual Coaching

It's based on a goal-oriented positive cognitive state determined to succeed despite life circumstances. This program involves a clear conceptualization of meaningful goals, the development of specific strategies to reach them, and the ability to maintain motivation.

Each session is $120

Sign up or request more information at

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